Four Reasons To Consider Used Parts For Your Bike

As a motorcycle owner, finding the best parts to maintain your bike is important. If this is your first bike, you might think that you need to stick with brand new parts from the manufacturer to ensure the safety of your bike. The truth is, there are many used motorcycle parts that are equally safe. If you've been dismissing the idea of used parts out of uncertainty, here are a few things you should know about the benefits of these parts.

They Are More Affordable

If you're trying to maintain your bike on a budget, used parts are a great way to go. They are priced according to the general cost of the part as well as the availability and demand of those parts. They are typically sold at a much lower price than the brand new parts from the original manufacturer, starting at a lower pricing tier simply because they've been used on another bike.

They Are Inspected

Used parts are functional parts removed from a bike that isn't running anymore. The parts harvested from these bikes are not affected by whatever disabled the bike, so they are still in good working order. Once removed, the parts are typically cleaned, inspected and tested for any signs of defects or flaws. This ensures that only functional used parts are sold.

They'll Fit Properly

When you're buying brand new parts from the manufacturer, you run the risk that the part might not fit the way that it's intended. Over time, manufacturers make adjustments to parts as they adapt bikes for new model years. If your bike is older, that adapted design might not fit properly. When you buy a used part, you know that it came off the same make and model and will fit properly on your bike just as it did on the one it was removed from.

You'll Maintain Authenticity

If you're restoring a bike and you want to maintain the authenticity of the bike and keep it vintage, used parts are the way to go. You can source parts from the same exact model year. This allows you to keep the bike in parts that date back to the production year, which maintains the bike's integrity and may even help you boost its resale value.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider investing in used parts for your motorcycle repairs. Talk with a technician today about your options so that you can keep your bike on the road and in good condition. Shops like Monarch Honda can help.