Have A Memorable Harley Davidson Trip In Texas

Are you part of a group of people who love to take motorcycle trips all over the United States? Perhaps you prefer riding solo and having your own personal adventures. Perhaps you're looking for a new motorcycle to take on a trip to Texas. If you have been to that great state before, it's no wonder you're returning. If you have never been to Texas, prepare to have the time of your life. 

Look For New Motorcycles For Sale -

If you've been planning to shop for a new motorcycle, a planned trip to Texas is a perfect time to get new wheels for your trip. Think of buying a Harley Davidson. Have you noticed that men and women who own Harley Davidson motorcycles seem to speak of them with a sense of awe, almost like the motorcycle is a family member? Think of the Harley Davidsons in movies like Wild Hogs, Every Which Way But Loose, In The Line Of Fire and even Pee Wee's Big Adventure. If you saw those movies, that might be when the seed was planted for you to own your own Harley Davidson some day.

  • A Harley Davidson is heavy enough for handling the back country roads close to El Paso
  • The Harley will also be at home on the hill country slopes close to San Antonio and Austin.
  • You'll find plenty of service shops that can take care of your Harley should you run into mechanical problems.
  • Your Harley will not have any trouble keeping up the speed on the Texas Interstate highways.

Plan Your Trip -

If you have plenty of time, you'll want to hit every inch of Texas. But, because of its size, you'll sure need plenty of time! If your time is somewhat limited, consider hitting some of the most special places. Besides seeing the cities you've always heard of, don't cheat yourself out of going to the little towns that make Texas what it is.

  • Start in El Paso, and see the little town of Fabens.
  • When you visit San Antonio, check out places like Gruene, Wimberly and New Braunfels.
  • Travel about an hour out of Dallas to see the University of North Texas in Denton.
  • When you head east, check out Houston, Beaumont and Port Arthur.

Think of ending each day by writing in a journal which you can later turn into a blog. By doing that, all your family and friends can see exactly where your new Harley Davidson bike took you while you were in Texas.